Demystifying The Hebrew Tattoo

Demystifying The Hebrew Tattoo

A tattoo is an inedible mark placed on an individuals body.

It is a piece of art that an individual can identify with Tattoos sometimes are viewed as an appreciation of art, an expression of ones beliefs, some dawn tattoos as a compliment to their skin color while others do it as a sign of rebellion, making a specific statement about ones self, ones beliefs, religion, interests, preference or obsessions.

Either way, some societies consider tattoos as a taboo while most urbanized communities have accepted and embraced tattoos, and in some cultures; tattoos are considered ‘cool’.

When it comes to tattoos, the beauty of them is the specific art-work of the tattoo artist.

One normally approaches a tattoo artist with different ideas in mind and with further consultation, a design is agreed upon. the quality of the tattoo will depend on the artistic perspective of a specific artist, the size of the tattoo and the accepted upon design.

Hebrew-Tattooto make this possible, a series of thought processes should be undertaken so as to select an ideal tattoo for a specific individual.

This is because there exists over a hundred different styles of dawning a tattoo. Japanese, Dotwork, Realism, Watercolor, New School, Traditional, Script, etc.

Thus with the exuberant nature of the tattoo world, an individual interested in getting a tattoo should adequately delve into research which will guide the decision into getting a tattoo.

Sounds like a load of work but hey, it is one painful process that requires fortitude, is meant to last forever and therefore, take time, think about what would fit your personality, style, preference and interests when making up your mind on a tattoo.

This script is thus angled at giving a small insight to a different style of tattoos that might open up your tattoo knowledge.

The Hebrew Tattoo is an attraction to few but many with adequate knowledge may opt for it Hebrew tattoos are an expression of spiritualism.

This is due to a view that Hebrew is an ancient tribe that according to Biblical tradition descended from Jacob, the Grandson to Abraham who is greatly appreciated as the father of Israel, a well known and admired for their spiritualism and belief in God, a higher being.

The Hebrew language is thus considered one of the spiritual script writing languages and thus when it comes to Hebrew tattoos, the first thing in mind that would come to an individual once they spot it would be the tattoo is scripted in Hebrew as an expression of spiritualism.

A Hebrew tattoo is thus an inedible mark, scripted on a persons body in Hebrew.

When it comes to translating Hebrew tattoos, most individuals get it quite wrong. This is due to the global evolution that has led to the decline of certain languages and thus accuracy of script or speech tends to be diminishing.

Most people often use online translators which definitely tend to ignore such aspects as grammar, punctuation and in the long run creating a completely different word or a word that simply does not make sense in Hebrew.

To qet the correct translation of a Hebrew tattoo, one needs to consult a prolific Hebrew speaker or a native Hebrew with knowledge on the language itself.

The Hebrew tattoo process would include deciding on the specific scrip you want tattooed on your body.

This would include a series of consultations to ensure you get the right translation. there after, you also have to decide on which fonts to have your tattoo in.

You could use Modern, Alphabet, Cursive, Calligraphy, Classic etc. different fonts enhance different perspectives of the tattoo.

once a decision has been agreed upon, find a tattoo artist whose skill and art is beyond reproach since when it comes to Hebrew tattoos, a single apostrophe or punctuation may lead to distortion of meaning. Stipulate the tattoo and font you have decided on while also seeking more pointers from the artist.

On the other hand, to achieve an almost perfect print, it would be advisable to have it digitally scripted on your body, this is due to the nature of the sensitivity of the language. It would also reduce or minimize the level of oversight.Hebrew-Tattoo

The artist should use a new and sterile needle to ensure little or no contamination. Gloves should also be used since it is a delicate process and thus proper hygiene levels should be achieved all through and when done, the needle(s) should be properly disposed.. Once the tattoo is scripted, clearly check it, making sure it is the exact prescribed design. Ensure proper hygiene therefore preventing any infection from the tattooing process.

After the tattoo is done, cover it to ensure it is free from external infection while giving it ample time to heal.Bad Hebrew tattoos would entail tattoos wrongly scripted such that the tattoo ends up meaning something else.

Other aspects to be observed when it comes to Hebrew tattoos include the punctuation used.

Wrong punctuation may lead to distorted meanings of the words.A key aspect to note is that Hebrew is written from right to left unlike most languages and therefore a vertical display of a Hebrew tattoo isn’t advisable.

Use of translation software when it comes to Hebrew tattoos is also unadvised.

In the Bible in Leviticus Chapter 19 and verse 28 forbids the drawinq of tattoos on ones body, except for medical purposes.

This was pegged to idol-worship in ancient Israel.

Hebrew tattoos will thus offer a unique and different taste in the tattoo universe.

Getting a Hebrew tattoo will also attract different people to question you on its meaning, where you got it from and how you came up with the specific choice of tattoo.

This attention may be positive and will definitely encourage your peers and friends to consider getting one for themselves. Some ideas on Hebrew tattoos would include; names of loved ones, a cryptic script, a spiritual writing e.g. God is Able, or an ancient quote that is contained in the Bible, e.g. My Help comes from the Most High.

Remember, there exists a myriad of options on where to dawn your Hebrew Tattoo therefore, be creative and innovative when it comes to getting one.


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